CSV Export

Expose your database to the world
(or to private integrations) using CSV

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Extension description

CSV Export is a Joomla® extension that lets you expose your database tables to the outside using CSV, from the frontend of the site.

Major advantages provided are:

  1. you can choose which tables you want to expose from the admin interface: just pick the ones you need
  2. you can add a password to protect your data, so only you can access it
  3. you can select all fields (*), or just some fields to limit the columns in the output
  4. you can set LIMIT and OFFSET parameters to the query URL to limit the size of the data: useful for big tables

The results are sent in a file formatted in the CSV format to the requester, with the column names on top.

Examples of what can it be used for

  • Integration with other sites
  • Integrations with ecommerce tools: extract your orders!
  • Create email lists
  • Backup and export data
  • Sync with other software or websites
  • Basically any custom integration you might think of.

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