Extension description

Custom CSS Code is a Joomla® extension that lets you setup multiple rules to customize the CSS of your site.

You can

  1. add some CSS on a specific URL
  2. add some CSS to URLs that contain a string
  3. add some CSS to URLs that don't contain a string

Basically, you can style things differently on each page of your site. The CSS will be added after all the component / modules CSS files have been loaded, so the risk of conflicts with the template's CSS is minimized.

Examples of what can it be used for

  • Add a different background to some pages of your site, e.g. product pages
  • Change the color of some parts of the site
  • Change the font dimensions in the home page only
  • Hide some modules or portions of an article in a specific page
  • Show/hide a menu on some parts of the site

Joomla! Extensions Directory Reviews

"Useful addon - Good one! It did let me add different bits of CSS to different pages and sections of the site, so I could add a custom background to every menu of my site without editing my template and cluttering it - not to mention I can update the template without worrying about my change." Pelle

"A must have Component - I install this on all of my client's websites as it lets me customize the CSS without messing with FTP and looking up specific template CSS files." Pelle

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