Extension description

Custom JS Code is a Joomla® extension that lets you setup multiple rules to add some custom JS to your site.

You can

  1. add some JS on a specific URL
  2. add some JS to URLs that contain a string
  3. add some JS to URLs that don't contain a string

Basically, you can have different JS snippets on each page of your site. The Javascript will be added after all the component / modules Javascript files have been loaded, so you can re-use the existing libraries loaded on the site.

Examples of what can it be used for

  • Don't allow right-click on some parts of the site, or all the site
  • Add an alert when opening an article
  • Show a welcome message to the users
  • Show some images in a modal window
  • Fade in the content or the images when the page is loaded
  • Process some link with an AJAX request and return the result somewhere on the page

Joomla! Extensions Directory Reviews

"Looks good - Just what I was looking for - I wanted to be able to add specific javascript to pages of my site and this is exactly what this extension claimed it could do. I have had no problems with it so far - it does exactly what I wanted and I'm very pleased. No installation issues, no conflicts, etc.mustards

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