Page Load Times

Find the slowest pages on your site

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Extension description

Keep track of which pages take the most to load, and take action when needed!

The extension is composed by a plugin that tracks every page that is viewed by your site users, and a backend component that lists the statistics.

The extension counts the time passed in the Joomla PHP execution, and can track which user did the page request. It does not keep track of CSS or JS load times in the browser, as that's a totally different field and can be tracked and improved in other ways.

The data collected can be sorted by all the collected values (average time, max load time..), and you can purge the data easily by pushing a button.

Examples of what can it be used for

  • Take control over what happens in your site
  • Be informed of what pages takes the most to load
  • Overview the user experience of your users
  • Pages taking a lot of time could lead to timeout errors, prevent them

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