Query Database

Execute Custom DB Queries directly from the Joomla admin interface, and expose results

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Extension description

Query Database is a Joomla® extension that lets you query the Joomla site database directly from the Joomla administrator interface.

Major advantages provided are:

  1. you don't have to remember/do a separate login to phpMyAdmin
  2. you have a list of recent queries made, with the latest results
  3. you can mark a query as favourite, and run it faster, without having to rewrite it, and store it somewhere
  4. you can export a query to CSV, and import in Excel / Google Drive / *
  5. you can optionally enable CSV retrieval from the frontend to enable automation or to let people download data

The results are provided in a table inside the page.

Examples of what can it be used for

  • Create custom queries for your client, and save them to be run again
  • Create reports
  • Get a list of your user's email addresses
  • Backup your site content
  • Sync with other software

Joomla! Extensions Directory Reviews

"Works as advertised and support is excellent - Although a bit expensive compared to most extensions considering that it has only a few features, it does save lots of time, works as advertised, allowed me to give my end-users the data they needed with very little work. No real documentation, and not really needed. I had some questions and issues (turned out to be an excel problem) and the support was excellent! I am so glad there are tools like this that can save a lot of development time." rmari

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