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The **most powerful maps extension for Joomla**!. Provides over **130 different map designs**, multiple maps, places listing, responsive design, custom markers, **Street View** and more! Over **700 markers already included** - and you can upload your own. Add places from our modern admin interface that shows the list of places in a map directly in the backend, for your convenience. Directly go and edit a place by clicking it on the map! The map is also adaptive, this means that when you filter the places by map, by name or status, the map reloads its content and repositions all the markers to help you editing. Also, you can **choose the Street View angle and zoom**, so your maps will look simply great. You can create as many maps as you want, each one with its own places, and show multiple maps on the same page. You can place the maps in the site either in a single page using the map component, or in another page, using the map module shipped with the extension. Map Locations also provides **clustering**, so when the map contains a lot of points people can navigate them easily. Examples of what can it be used for: - Show a map of your position in a module - Show a list of cities where your business has an office - Show a list of places where your football team will play - Map anything - Let your customers see where your stores are located - Show where you’ve been - Anything else map-related that comes to your mind! **Multiple Maps** Add any number of maps on your site, and show them on multiple pages or all in the same page **List the places** In addition to the map, you can have a page that lists all the places, with static map and street view. The map infowindow links to this list. **Maps Design** Map Locations features over 130 different map designs, ensuring your maps will always look great! **Module and component** Show your maps as the main content of the page using the component, or in the sidebar, at the top or bottom using our map module. **Categories** You can categorize the places on each map, and have a custom marker for each category of places. **Street View** Show the Street View caption in the infowindows, or in the detail page. Customize the angle. **Fully responsive** The map adapts to the browser size, so it’s responsive out of the box on every device. Also, it adapts if the browser changes size. **Custom Markers** Every place can have a default marker, overridable. We have included over 700 markers you can use, and you can add your own too. **All modern Joomla versions** Map Locations runs on Joomla 2.5 and on Joomla 3.x. And we guarantee future releases compatibility. **Modern, easy interface** Map Locations has a clean and modern User Interface that is a pleasure to use, for you to manage the maps and for your site visitors to interact with them. Map Locations is **100% GPLv3**. This means you are free to edit, reuse, and enjoy the freedom this licence gives you. We also provide outstanding support that will help you setup and maintain your maps over time with private tickets. - Reliable and Secure Platform - Everything is perfectly orgainized for the future - Designed with the user in mind - Easy to use and customize